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This is a website dedicated to the study of languages, containing sections pertaining to various languages, mainly Celtic, and including Scottish Gaelic dialects, which are a significant part of the website's content.

The ebooks pages contain downloadable ebooks published through/via this website, but which contain entirely separate content to what is on the website's pages/parts. The ebooks also contain a lot of archaeology, philosophy and spirituality, much in relation to language.
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Photo above: Western Scottish landscape, taken by Linden Alexander Pentecost


About the name: The Book of Dunbarra takes its name from the Gaelic words dùn and barr, connected with the town of Dunbar in the south-east of Scotland, a name recorded in early Welsh as Dynbaer, and translatable in Scottish Gaelic as Dùn Barr. The website is a book in the sense of a book being a place which I hope inspires kindness and hope.